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STI Electronics, Inc's Manufacturing Lab / Prototype and Development Lab is a full-service design review and production facility. Over the last decade, STI's manufacturing lab has established itself as a turnkey provider of electronics manufacturing and assembly services. With two high-speed automated assembly lines, the lab supports both high and low-mix PCB assembly for volumes that range from just a few units for prototypes, to low quantities for pre-production, to thousands per month in mid-volume production.  This laboratory's precise surface mount assembly lines complement the hand assembly lines, including automated optical inspection (AOI), and allow for expeditious and defect-free production of new and redesigned electronics hardware. Other services include component procurement, assembly profile establishment, electrical test, conformal coat, and manufacturability analysis. 

 Capabilities & Services


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STI's Contract Manufacturing and Prototype Lab



Manufacturing Services

STI's Contract Manufacturing ServicesUtilizing some of the most advanced placement equipment available today, a large range of component sizes and types can be accurately placed. Whether placing a 0201 chip component or a 1200 I/O BGA device, laser component centering along with automated visual alignment/verification ensures that the placement is accurate and repeatable. Utilizing all-ball recognition technology and multi-imaging vision capability offers optimum handling of both standard BGAs to μBGAs. STI also has odd form component placement capability and bare die handing capability for COB (chip-on-board) and DCA (direct chip attach) applications. 

State of the art reflow equipment provides 25% higher airflow for enhanced temperature uniformity, repeatability, and high-density capability. The reflow oven features a new enlarged heating tunnel, baffle-free design for six sigma consistency zone-to-zone, and nitrogen capability with oxygen analyzer for DCA applications. Rapid response times and precise temperature capability assure process uniformity regardless of component density or board loading with identical profile performance in either air or nitrogen.

Customers & Markets

  • Military/Aerospace
    • NASA
    • L-3
    • Northrop Grumman
    • Raytheon
    • US Navy
  • Private/Commercial
    • Sanmina / SCI
    • Continental Automotive
    • Schlumberger


Quality Assurance

STI's ISO9000:2009 CertificationSTI ensures the integrity of every of every product designed and manufactured at STI through the implementation of a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.  Quality control is implemented in the earliest phases of the manufacturing service provided beginning with design/documentation control, material procurement, process control, and final inspection.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer
  • Manufacturing Build to:
    • NASA 8739.2 Standard
    • NASA 8739.3 Standard
  • Manufacturing Inspection to Customer Requirements
    • IPC 610 (Class 2/Class3)
    • NASA 8739
  • 100% Visual Inspection of Workmanship
  • AOI Systems & X-RAY Inspection System
  • Automated Flying Probe Tester



Material Management

STI's Quality AssuranceSTI understands that one of the primary factors when awarding a manufacturing contract is cost.  Our quality assurance program enables STI to be cost competitive when providing turnkey or consignment services.  STI works both with its approved vendor list (strong relationships with key distributors such as TTI, Avnet, Digi-Key, etc) and customer directed supply lists for procurement to ensure quality products at competitive rates. 

  • Material Tracking & Inventory Control
  • Daily Monitoring of Supply Levels
  • Inventory Control Software
  • Inventory Component Test Validation: ROHS / Counterfeit
  • Warehouse Storage Capabilities
  • Nitrogen Storage Capability
  • Vacuum Packaging Capability



Surface Mount Assembly Lines


STI's High-Speed SMT LineHigh-Speed Automated SMT Line: The Prototype and Manufacturing Lab's high-speed SMT line supports both high and low-mix PCB assembly for volumes that range from just a few units for prototypes to thousands per month in mid-volume production.  Manufacturing services include a high-mix screen printer, multi-head dispense system, high speed/high precision placement systems, advanced automated inspection system, 13-zone reflow oven, and in-line aqueous cleaner interconnected with an automated transport/handling system.


High-Speed Automated SMT Line Equipment List

STI's Automated Conveyor System

Automated PCB Handling & Transport

  • Promation Transfer Conveyors
    • Transfer Conveyors
    • Long Buffer Conveyors




STI's Stencil Printer

Stencil Printer

  • MPM Momentum
    • ± 12.5um Total System Alignment
    • Advanced Optics and Lighting Techniques
    • Closed-loop Print Head Pressure Control
    • Quick Changeover Capability
    • Underside Stencil Wiper



STI's Dispensing System

Dispensing System

  • Camalot XyflexPro
    • Dual Dispense Heads
    • Rotary Positive Displacement Technology
    • Total System Accuracy 50um at 3 Sigma
    • 43,000 dph Throughput Capability
    • Epoxy, Underfill, and Paste Dispense
    • Die Edge Detection
    • Deep-Access/Cavity Dispense Capability



STI's High-Speed Placement System

High-Speed Placement System

  • Juki FX-3
    • 60,000 cph with 24 Nozzles
    • Components Size Range: 0201/01005 to 1.3 in square
    • Board Size: up to 410 x 360mm (16.1 x 14.1 in)
    • External Feeder Trolley for Fast Changeover



STI's High-Mix Placement System

High-Mix Placement System

  • Juki KE-2080L
    • 33,000 cph with 7 Nozzles
    • Components Size Range: 0402 to 2.9 in
    • Board Size: up to 410 x 360mm (16.1 x 14.1 in)
    • Advanced Vision Centering System
    • Matrix Tray Changer: 30 Tray Capacity



STI's AOI System

Automated Optical Inspection System

  • YesTech YTV-F1S
    • 250,000 cph with 6 Cameras
    • Component Size Range: 0201/01005 and up
    • Board Size: up to 560 x 510mm (22 x 20 in)
    • Multi-angle LED Lighting




STI's Reflow Oven

Reflow System

  • Heller 1913 MKIII
    • 13 Zone each per Top and Bottom
    • Conveyor Speed up to 4.5ft/m
    • Board Size: width up to 510mm (20 in)
    • Inert Gas (Nitrogen) Capability with Oxygen Analyzer



STI's Inline Aqueous Cleaner

In-Line Aqueous Cleaner

  • Technical Devices NU/CLEAN618
    • Auto Chemistry Pump Tank with Feedback
    • Auto Start/Stop Sensors
    • Cycle Time: 6min
    • Solvent Designed to Remove Water Soluble, Rosin-Based, and/or No-clean Fluxes
    • Pre-wash, Wash, Rinse, Final Rinse, and Dryer Stages


Prototype Automated SMT Line: The Prototype and Manufacturing Lab's prototype volume SMT line supports both high and low-mix PCB assembly for volumes that range from just a few units for prototypes to low quantities for pre-production.  Manufacturing services include a high-mix screen printer, high speed/high precision placement systems, 12-zone reflow oven, and an off-line batch vacuum solvent cleaner.


Prototype Automated SMT Line Equipment List

STI's Stencil Printer

Stencil Printer

  • MPM Accuflex
    • Advanced Optics and Lighting Techniques
    • Board Size: up to 584 x 508mm (23 x 20 in)
    • Fully Programmable Squeegee Pressure, Speed, and Stroke Length
    • Quick Changeover Capability
    • Underside Stencil Wiper



STI's High-Speed Placement System

High-Speed Placement System

  • Juki KE-2050RL
    • 13,200 cph with 4 Nozzles
    • 50um Placement Accuracy
    • Components Size Range: 0402 to 1.0 x .43 in
    • Board Size: up to 410 x 360mm (16.1 x 14.1 in)
    • External Feeder Trolley for Fast Changeover



STI's High-Mix Placement System

High-Mix Placement System

  • Juki KE-2020
    • 11,000 cph with 5 Nozzles
    • Components Size Range: 0201 to 1.97 in square
    • Board Size: up to 410 x 360mm (16.1 x 14.1 in)
    • Advanced Vision Centering System
    • Matrix Tray Changer



STI's Reflow Oven

Reflow System

  • Heller 1900EXL
    • 12 Zone each per Top and Bottom
    • Conveyor Speed up to 5.25ft/m
    • Board Size: width up to 600mm (23.5 in)
    • Inert Gas (Nitrogen) Capability



STI's Batch Solvent Cleaner

Batch Vacuum Solvent Cleaning System

  • Unique Systems
    • Solvent Designed to Remove Rosin-based Fluxes
    • Vacuum Level < 10 Torr



Final Inspection / Quality Control

STI's Final Inspection

Visual Inspection: All electronic assemblies manufactured at STI are 100% visually inspected for defects using stereo zoom microscopes.  Inspectors are trained and certified to MSFC/NASA 8739.2 and 8739.9 in addition to IPC-A-610.  Inspection per these standards ensures identification of component defects, lead defects, and solder joint defects.  Common defects detected include missing parts and/or incorrect positioning, wrong orientation/skew, bent and/or lifted leads, and bridges/shorts, opens, flux residue, etc.



Automated Optical Inspection: STI utilizes a YesTech YTV2000 to perform 100% post-reflow automated PCB inspection.  With four angled cameras, one top-down camera, and one high-magnification camera, STI is well equipped to identify not only component defects such as presence and position, orientation/polarity, and skew, but also solder joint defects such as opens, insufficient fillet, shorts, and solder balls.



X-RAY Inspection: Area array packages such as CSPs, BGAs, and LGAs present a challenge to perform 100% solder joint inspection.  Real-time X-RAY imaging using CR Technology's CRX 2000 X-RAY machine enables STI's inspectors to identify solder ball defects such as bridges, opens, and voids.  By varying the CRX 2000's power output and utilizing the image enhancement software, STI can qualify and quantify these defects.  Digital copies of the X-RAY analysis can be provided at an additional cost.



Testing / Programming Services

STI's Test ServicesIn order to deliver electronic assemblies with the highest quality assurance, STI offers automated test and programming services.  Utilizing SPEA's 4040 Multimode Flying Probe Test System, STI can provide dual-sided probing for multiple testing methods such as component parametric testing, functional testing, optical testing, Boundary Scan, and On Board Programming (OBP).  The 4040 Multimode's 6 top side probes and 2 bottom side probes affords STI the versatility to program and test at high production volumes as well as low volume/quick-turn prototypes and new designs.

  • High Precision for 01005 and 0201 Passive Components
  • Extreme Accuracy for Ultra Fine Pitch IC's
  • Through-Hole Via Probing Capability
  • SMD Pad Probing down to <0.08mm
  • Test Area Up to 686 x 610mm (27"x24")



Conformal Coating Services

STI's Conformal Coater

The recent addition of PVA's PVA650 selective coating system has enabled STI to offer conformal coating services to its customers.  As the final step in the manufacturing process, conformal coatings are critical to the long-term performance and reliability of the electronic assembly.  With a robotic system accuracy of 25 microns, the PVA650 affords a repeatable, high precision dispensing capability for selective coating of high-density complex applications.  With dual head tooling, STI offers two types of conformal coatings within one dispenser platform.

  • Acrylic Resin (AR)
  • Epoxy Resin (ER)
  • Silicone Resin (SR)
  • Polyurethane Resin (UR)



Through-Hole Assembly 

STI's Trained Technicians

Certified Soldering Technicians: Using the latest in hand-soldering equipment, STI's bench technicians are qualified for touch-up, surface mount assembly, and through-hole assembly of some of the most complicated products in the industry.  Each bench technician is certified to the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) NASA soldering standards. 



STI's Wave Reflow System

Automated Wave Soldering System: STI is equipped with Technical Device's NU/ERA dual wave soldering system for through-hole and mixed assemblies.  The wave soldering system is equipped to use either a Pb (lead) and Pb-Free (lead-free) soldering pot.  Included on the wave soldering system is the "Dancer" solder wave option.




SMT / BGA Rework Services

Rework and Repair Services

Rework and Repair Services:   In addition to automated assembly, STI offers rework and repair services of electronic assemblies. STI's certificed soldering technicians follow the processes defined in IPC 7711 (Rework and Repair Procedures) and provide our customers the flexability of isolated component removal and/or placement in their electronic assemblies. Utilizing ERSA's IR 550 selective reflow rework station ensures that the required heat is transfered to the specified location in order to ensure that the component uniformly sees the prescribed thermal profile and minimizes PCB warpage. The rework station also features an optical camera system for real-time placement vision and split beam optics for precision alignment. The pressure triggered placement head places components with the same placement force as an automated pick and place equipment thus replicating standard assembly processes.


BGA Reballing Services

BGA Reballing Services: STI specializes in BGA rework including removal, reballing, and replacement of high density, fine pitch CSPs and BGAs on some of the most complex electronic assemblies in in the field.  STI is able to reball BGAs down to .  With many CSP and BGA manufacturers conforming to WEEE and RoHS regulations (Pb-free bumped packages), STI is an established leader in the industry in converting Pb-free BGA and CSP packages to Pb-based packages.  In addition to providing reballing services, STI developed a reballing fixture with which to reattach solder spheres using your preferred solder alloy of choice.




Additional Services 

Thermal Profiling

Thermal Profiling: STI can perform a thermal profile for each substrate prior to assembly in order to optimize the pre-heat, soak, reflow, and cool down profile as recommended by the paste manufacturer and/or customer.  STI's Super M.O.L.E. Gold is equipped with 6-channel measurement capability and features Statistical Process Control (SPC).  The thermal profiler is accurate to within ±1°C.  Digital copies of the reflow profile captures can be provided at an additional charge.



STI's Tape & Reel Services

Tape and Reel Services: For automated assembly of bulk items, STI offers tape and reel services.  STI's Q-Corporation Accutape QMT1100D features heat or pressure (PSA) sealing options with a fully adjustable frame for accomodating 8-27mm wide carrier tapes.  STI stocks a wide assortment of carrier tapes for quick-turn tape and reel services.



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